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Sarrail-Lacarrieu Marie

Patricia Moore

How does someone with a name like Patricia Moore, a second generation Californian, claim to have Béarnais blood, one quarter Béarnais blood at that? My maternal grandfather who came to Los Angeles from Eysus in 1888 is full blooded Béarnais. When I started my research for my book entitled Restored To Life about my maternal grandmother, I had no idea what I would find, not only about her ancestors but those of her husband as well.

My first connection to Eysus goes all the way back to the year 1959 at the end of my Junior Year Abroad in Paris. In June of that year when I went back to Biarritz from Paris to say goodbye to my host family, they took me to Eysus to see what we could find about my grandfather. I remember three of us went in a 2 chevaux camionette. We were shown a house purported to have been lived in by a Domecq family and we also visited the church where the curé copied out my grandfather’s baptismal certificate along with his sister Madeleine’s and their parents’ wedding registration. Reading what he wrote was the first time I had ever heard the name Sarrail Lacarrieu (Lacarriu). Continuer la lecture

Pédeuboy Jeanne and Barbé Pierre

Jeanne Pédeuboy was born in Lucq de Béarn, a village on the plain near Oloron, Basse Pyrénées, Atlantiques, France, on 12 September 1880. She was the oldest of seven children of Jacques Pedeuboy and Marie Bergerou-Montaut. Her father Jacques was a farmer.

Jeanne had several relatives in San Francisco. She immigrated to the US in 1899 as a passenger on the ship Maastam. She departed on 2 February 1899. She was 18 years of age. She was accompanied by her sister, Marie, 16 years of age. They arrived at Ellis Island, in New York City, New York — the site of the Statue of Liberty (which was a gift to the US from France). Continuer la lecture

Pontacq Maximien

The beginning of the story …

In 2003, I was chagrined to find that one of the Asterix et Obelix comic books I had purchased in 1960’s Paris was missing.  Priding myself on having a complete collection of original Asterix et Obelix comic books purchased during my stay in Paris (1967 and 1968), I went on French eBay to search for another copy,

I noted a seller with just the book I needed and made a bid.  I won it, but then found that the seller was surprised that I was not in France, but in California near San Francisco. Thus began email negotiations on how to pay for it, during which the seller asked me who my grandmother had been since the town of Pontacq was near his hometown of Tarbes. From such questions are complex genealogical efforts built.

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